Acta Non Verba

Founded in 2010 by women of color with the assistance of community members, ANV creates safe and creative outdoor spaces for children, youth, and families in the severely economically depressed USDA-defined “Food Desert” that is East Oakland. Their primary goal is to create a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and families in East Oakland. ANV empowers youth to become community leaders by exposing them to sustainable urban farming and opportunities for personal and community development. In their garden and other outdoor activities, curiosity and creativity are rewarded. ANV creates a kind, respectful, and transformative environment where families can rise out of poverty and become leaders of positive change.

ANV’s innovative programs focus on academic enrichment, preparing young people for community leadership, and promoting positive relationships among youth from diverse cultural and ethnic groups. Last year alone, ANV helped create a brighter future for at least 400 youth and their families. Camp ANV and their After-School Programs grew, with more visitors to their three farms from local schools and community service groups.

ANV uses harvested produce for meals in their programs, the monthly food pantry, and their Community Supported Agriculture Program. Youths’ education savings accounts were able to split the $6,427 that was earned through the sale of produce. Several campers have become Leaders in Training or Junior Counselors, preparing them to become paid camp counselors in future years. In 2019, Camp ANV became a certified camp through the American Camps Association. Also in 2019, ANV helped launch the East Oakland Grocery Co-Op.

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Pure Farmland is growing
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As one of the nation’s largest makers of plant-based proteins, Pure Farmland understands that good things are grown from the ground up. We believe in growing everyone’s access to fresh, local produce—so we launched our Pure Growth Project in 2020 as way to support community gardens in neighborhoods and preserve essential farmland where America’s food is grown. So each time you try one of Pure Farmland’s delicious, plant-based meatballs, breakfast links or patties, dinner links, protein starters and more, you can feel good knowing that we’re growing something good, together.