Bonton Farms (Fiscally Sponsored by The Dallas Foundation)

Bonton Farms leverages urban agriculture to nourish the physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health of 2,500 people each year. What appears at first glance to be “just a farm” is a supportive community resource that provides residents with nutritious food, employment opportunities, education for children, affordable housing, and more. Bonton Farms supports the community through their seven interconnected, need-driven pillars of service:

1) Health and Wellness: locally grown, nutritious, affordable food (a partnership with a health clinic is in progress to provide medical care to residents who would not otherwise receive it).
2) Economic Development: workforce development and adult paid internships for Bonton residents.
3) Housing: transitional and affordable housing to prevent and combat homelessness.
4) Education: supplementing the limited local education system.
5) Community Building: mentoring and counseling resources and criminal remediation.
6) Transportation: access to essential community resources (developing).
7) Access to Fair Credit (developing).

The Garden’s Website:

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