E.A.T. South

E.A.T. South is an urban teaching farm that engages its community through gathering people around, educating about, and growing good food. Its programs strive to create a thriving local food system by helping its community to grow food, connecting consumers with local farmers, and protecting their air, soil, and water.

E.A.T. South began on an abandoned railroad switching yard in downtown Montgomery in 2012. With a staff of two, they grow more than 52 varieties of fresh vegetables year-round. They keep chickens, ducks, and bees, and while they are just a block from downtown, the farm is home to groundhogs, foxes, and coyotes, and is a stopover for migrating Monarch butterflies.

E.A.T. South is a farm, a public park, and an outdoor classroom. In a typical year, its programs educate more than 2,000 children and adults about gardening and healthy eating. Volunteers contribute close to 2,000 hours of service weeding, planting, maintaining the farm, and teaching. Together, these programs provide their neighbors with hands-on skills as well as the confidence to grow their own food.

The Garden’s Website: https://www.eatsouth.org/