Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

Mission: Inter-Faith Food Shuttle pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in its community. Founded in 1989, the Food Shuttle began with a focus on food access for those at greatest risk of hunger; at the time, mission capacity was whatever their two female co-founders could deliver using coolers and their personal vehicles.

Over the next decade, the mission gained depth and breadth as they found ways of equipping their critically vulnerable neighbors to break the grip of food insecurity for themselves.

Today, its “Feed-Teach-Grow” approach stands on a 30-year foundation of Food Access, Nutrition Education and Job Training, and Sustainable Agriculture. Its array of programs strategically addresses the root causes of hunger—lack of access to healthy food and lack of income to purchase it.

A Feeding America member since 2001, the Food Shuttle helped push through the national Good Samaritan law—signed by President Clinton in 1992—protecting food donors from liability. Many non-traditional approaches that food banks across the nation are only now beginning to adopt have been active Food Shuttle programs for many years, like fresh food recovery (1989), food service and job training (1998), nutrition education (2008), and urban agriculture and garden education (2009). BackPack Buddies (1995) and School Pantries (2010) form the foundation of their Child Hunger Programs. Paired with Grocery Bags for Seniors (1994), this trio of programs addresses the needs of its most vulnerable neighbors—children and the elderly. For over 30 years the Food Shuttle has been bringing skills, empowerment, and meals to individuals at their point of need

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Pure Farmland is growing
good across America 

As one of the nation’s largest makers of plant-based proteins, Pure Farmland understands that good things are grown from the ground up. We believe in growing everyone’s access to fresh, local produce—so we launched our Pure Growth Project in 2020 as way to support community gardens in neighborhoods and preserve essential farmland where America’s food is grown. So each time you try one of Pure Farmland’s delicious, plant-based meatballs, breakfast links or patties, dinner links, protein starters and more, you can feel good knowing that we’re growing something good, together.