The Subversive Gardener and P.S. 18 Edward Bush Magnet School for Leadership

Amidst the concrete jungle of New York City, The Subversive Gardener supports and educates all those who would cultivate clandestine tomato plants in an abandoned lot, seed sunflowers in streetside medians, and battle environmental injustices with empathy and creativity. 

This community organization has its roots in the guerilla gardening movement in London in 2009, when Vanessa Harden, now director, launched several collaborative design projects aimed at increasing awareness of sustainability and guerilla gardening practices. Since then, Harden and her team have organized and hosted workshops on guerilla gardening and collaborated with urban gardening groups in Mumbai, India, and New York City to create urban gardening solutions, connect people across the agricultural and design industries, and educate communities on sustainable urban gardening practices.

The Subversive Gardener became an official not-for-profit organization in January 2019 and is, above all things, a platform for environmental education, design exploration, and public intervention connected to sustainable agriculture and to the guerrilla gardening subculture. Its programs and tools aim to highlight and enable community self-reliance to grow and find fresh foods within urban communities and lessen food insecurity. By exploring themes of environmental justice and design, The Subversive Gardener promotes discussion and awareness about sustainable urban agricultural practices and guerrilla gardening interventions for a healthier and more sustainable future.

The Garden’s Website:

Pure Farmland is growing
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As one of the nation’s largest makers of plant-based proteins, Pure Farmland understands that good things are grown from the ground up. We believe in growing everyone’s access to fresh, local produce—so we launched our Pure Growth Project in 2020 as way to support community gardens in neighborhoods and preserve essential farmland where America’s food is grown. So each time you try one of Pure Farmland’s delicious, plant-based meatballs, breakfast links or patties, dinner links, protein starters and more, you can feel good knowing that we’re growing something good, together.