Growing good across the country

Thanks in part to your photo submissions, the Pure Growth Project has distributed grants to neighborhood gardens in more than 50 communities across the U.S.

While we’ve been inspired by all the recipients, we were particularly moved by ten programs that continually go above and beyond in an effort to empower their neighborhoods and cities. Each of these gardens has a unique story that illustrates how individuals and communities can come together to transform spaces, foster citizenship, educate future generations and nourish their communities from the ground up.

Meet our incredible top 10 grant recipients

Norris Square Neighborhood Project
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
For nearly 50 years, this Philadelphia project has been inspiring youth and strengthening Latinx and West African communities. More >
Raleigh City Farm
Raleigh, North Carolina
This North Carolina program grows sustainable produce—and the next generation of farmers. More >
The Subversive Gardener and P.S. 18 Edward Bush Magnet School for Leadership
New York City, New York
A creative group of “guerilla gardeners” prove that beautiful gardens can grow in the most unlikely places. More >
Promise of Peace Gardens
Dallas, Texas
With its thriving neighborhood and school gardens, this Dallas program is growing fruits, vegetables, and kindness. More >
Bonton Farms (fiscally sponsored by The Dallas Foundation)
Dallas, Texas
By running programs that also support education, counseling, and fair housing, Bonton Farms is showing that community nourishment doesn’t stop at the table. More >
Acta Non Verba
Oakland, California
In only 10 years, Acta Non Verba has grown from a garden into a certified camp where East Oakland youth are exposed to the transformative power of farming. More >
Garfield Park Community Council
Chicago, Illinois
This program in downtown Chicago is creating valuable opportunities for community members and providing affordable produce for their neighborhood market. More >
E.A.T. South
Montgomery, Alabama
With more than 50 varieties of fresh vegetables—as well as bees, ducks, and even coyotes—this downtown Montgomery program is redefining the community garden. More >
City Blossoms Inc.
Washington, DC
DC-based City Blossoms doesn’t just grow food. They grow members of the community—from toddlers all the way to teens! More >
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Raleigh, North Carolina
For more than 30 years this North Carolina organization has helped its community break the cycle of poverty and food insecurity. More >